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Marketing Audit


The Marketing Audit is often the first job we get askedt o complete by prospective clients. Apart from anything else it's a useful demonstration of how we work and what the marketing tasks and context might be.

The Marketing Audit (Discovery Phase)

The Marketing Audit is the process of discovering what’s what in marketing terms and is used to ascertain what marketing can realistically be expected to achieve. Its findings will help identify the role of marketing and also help to set realistic objectives for any marketing or business development campaigns. It will provide much of the information needed to decide on strategies for growing your company in the context of the way the market and your competitors are behaving.

1. What marketing has been done by your company
  • Advertising/PR/Seminars/website/Direct Mail/Email campaigns/Sales literature/Databases/Lead generation/client-gets-client
  • By product sector/results/process/follow up?/who does what/conversion rates/budgets inc. time
2. What marketing is being done by which competitors
  • As per sections in 1. above
3. The size, shape and value of your marketplace
  • By product sector
  • Significant Changes that have happened over last five years
  • Market shares
  • Predictions for the future shape of your marketplace
4. The size and shape of your business
  • Clients by product sector
  • Typical client profile(s) by product or service
  • Value of income per product or service
  • Profit by product sector
  • Geography
  • Utilisation of staff
  • Plans for 2011 nos clients/value/product sector etc
  • Time needed to recruit new staff
5. Target Audiences
  • Clients - Age/job title/geography/product sector
  • Recommenders/Influencers – as above
  • For all – awareness/attitudes/feelings/experience/ you & competitors
  • Reasons for choosing you
  • How they choose/when/process/gestation period/influences
6. The way you get new business
  • Sources
  • Process
  • Timetable
  • Who does what
  • Targeting
  • Planning
  • Partners
  • Influencers
7. The ideal new business client
  • By product sector
  • Incomes
  • Geography
8. The role of marketing (for example)
  • Awareness building amongst all target audiences
  • Generation of positive attitudes and image for your brand
  • Dissemination of key facts about your brand skills and experience
  • Generation of new business leads as required
  • Conversion of leads to new clients
  • Retention of existing clients and organic growth of income
  • Repeat business and recommendations
9. Roles and responsibilities
  • In house marketing or consultancy?
  • Time commitments for your senior management
  • Establish single regular point of contact
  • Breakdown of Malthouse Marketing team or your staff requirements
  • Allocation of product sector representatives for Marketing Committee
  • Timetable for Marketing Audit
10. What needs doing following presentation of findings of Marketing Audit
  • Assessment of marketing contribution and Audit conclusions
  • Decision on whether marketing plan needs development
  • Further discussion and agreement on objectives and budgets
  • Timetable for development of Marketing Plan
  • Allocation of resources
  • Clear agreement, in principle, of goals of Marketing Plan and the measurement of its results with feedback and revision schedule
11. Next steps – choices
  • Marketing Plan or not?
  • Who/When
  • Terms

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