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Malthouse marketing services


We mostly work for companies that are relatively new or which are growing and need to use marketing to accelerate that growth. These companies often do not have senior marketing people and are not yet ready for this commitment. In these cases Malthouse Marketing will provide a resource that takes the company to the next level of turnover and profits, so it can afford to employ its own senior marketing staff.

The way we work is that we are often asked to ‘look at’ the marketing for a company. This usually involves doing a marketing audit to ascertain what marketing is working and what isn’t, both for the client and its competitors. Alternatively we are asked to develop a marketing plan and once this is agreed put together and manage the appropriate team of specialists to execute this plan. This usually includes all budgetary control and feedback, plus analysis and reporting.

We sometimes get asked to plan and execute particular aspects of marketing for a client because there are existing marketing staff with whom I will work cooperatively. This is usually where there is a lack of experience of particular marketing techniques amongst the marketing team.

At other times I am asked to use my B2B experience to develop and manage campaigns for particular sectors or target audiences that are not presently receiving any or much marketing communications.

Malthouse Marketing services include:

  • Marketing audit
  • New Product or Market Development research & planning
  • Marketing plans
  • Brand and logo design and development
  • Website design, build and marketing, inc. SEO
  • Advertising (Online and offline)
  • Sales literature
  • PR
  • Direct marketing
  • Lead generation (telemarketing etc)
  • Business development
  • Trade campaigns
  • Exhibitions and Events

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